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The blog is a news site, football predictions for bettors and career information.

More than 6000 people visit the site every day, including online gamblers and betting traders.

The provides content on:

  • Where to watch football matches live
  • Football careers
  • Football betting
  • Events
  • Course

The website has been on the air since 2013 and is considered by many traders , online gamblers and strong> as the best Brazilian news portal since its inception.

ObjectiveThe goal of the site is delivering quality, up-to-date content to make readers and supporters win money without having to study the market.

CNPJThe site a company with CNPJ and contracted accounting and pays all the taxes that any company pays monthly and annually.

Customers around the worldThe website serves clients in Brazil and in other countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Paraguay, Angola, Sweden, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia and others.

In Brazil, it has clients in all the states and already had presence in several events on investments, divulging the market and the profession trader.

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